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Introduction to Project Risk Management, Course 501

The Project Risk Management in Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis class is designed to empower you to accurately model, analyze and control your project risk exposure. Covering both cost and schedule risk analysis, the three-day training class includes risk management theory, best practices for modeling and reducing risk, interpretation of risk analysis reports and how to generate executive risk briefings. Through worked examples, the class also covers how to implement these techniques in Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis.

Professional Development and Continuing Education Units
Earns 24 PDUs and 2.4 CEUs
PMI Program Number - 1471

Course Information
Prerequisite: New and intermediate Risk Analysis users
Course Length: 3 days

Course Details

Show Curriculum:

  • Introduction to CPM Scheduling Theory
  • Developing a sound risk model basis
  • Shortcomings of traditional CPM scheduling
  • Deliverable-based scheduling
  • Introduction to Risk Management Theory
  • Using risk management for forecasting Confidence analysis
  • Contingency & mitigation
  • Qualitative & quantitative risk management
  • Risk techniques (e.g. Monte Carlo, PERT)
  • Benefits of Risk Management
  • Understanding risk exposure
  • Calculating required contingency levels
  • Identifying risk hot spots & drivers
  • Positive risk - opportunity management Formal
  • Risk Management Methodologies
  • Developing repeatable processes
  • Accelerating your risk maturity
  • Inputs to the Risk Management Process
  • Cost/schedule uncertainty
  • Risk events/risk registers
  • Uncertainty windows
  • Weather modeling
  • Use of correlation
  • How to risk load large models
  • Analysis
  • Effective techniques for analysis
  • Avoidance of 'garbage in, garbage out"
  • Outputs from the Risk Management Process
  • Histograms: risk exposure
  • Contingency reports
  • Tornadoes: risk drivers
  • Scatter reports: cost/schedule correlation
  • Risk matrices: risk events/mitigation
  • CPM risk reports - critical path risk
  • Executive Risk Reporting
  • "Making sense of all the data"


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