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The Scheduling module integrates the full power of Microsoft® Project or Primavera® with HD so you can make changes and simultaneously see the impact on the job's cost and schedule.

  • Create project schedules quickly and easily
  • Keep HD and Microsoft® Project or Primavera® in-sync
  • Test real-world scenarios and see impacts instantly
  • Share information with your team in real-time

Hard Dollar Scheduling Integration (Time)
with MS Project or Primavera

Keep Budgets and Schedules In-Sync

Keeping detailed budgets and schedules in-sync would be easy if your projects never changed. HD’s real-time integration with Microsoft® Project or Primavera® allows you to make changes one time and simultaneously update the budget and schedule. No more copying and pasting, no more importing and exporting.

  • Create cost and resource-loaded schedules* in record time.
  • Easily keep the work plan, budget, and schedule in-sync when things change, such as project scope, item quantities, shift arrangements, and more.
  • Maintain tasks in the estimate that do not appear in the schedule.
  • Maintain tasks in the schedule that are not synchronized with the estimate*.
  • Run “what if?” scenarios across the budget and schedule to easily evaluate the impact of alternative resources, shift arrangements, production rates, and more.
  • Streamline analysis of cash flow, earned value, and resource utilization with flexible, built-in tools and graphical output.

With HD and Microsoft® Project or Primavera® working together in realtime you’ll cut valuable time out of the process, and have instant answers to the toughest “what if?” questions that come your way.

Create Cost-Loaded Schedules in Record Time

Keep the Work Plan, Budget, and Schedule In-Sync When Things Change

Run “What if?” Scenarios Across the Budget and Schedule

Streamline Analysis of Cash Flow, Earned Value, and Resource Utilization

Versions supported - Primavera: 5.0 – 6.2; Microsoft Project: 2002, 2003, 2007
* Supported in Primavera only.