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Hard Dollar Software for Oil and Gas
Accurately Estimate Cost, Resources, Time, and Earned Value
Meeting multiple industry challenges including predictability, mandatory completion dates, and maintaining ongoing skilled labor creates added demands. Successfully delivering a complex project requires a new level of interoperability for contractors and owners, facilitated by HD Oil & Gas software.

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Hard Dollar Software Solutions

Keep Budgets and Schedules In-Sync

Keeping detailed budgets and schedules in-sync would be easy if your projects never changed. HD’s real-time integration with Microsoft® Project or Primavera® allows you to make changes one time and simultaneously update the budget and schedule. No more copying and pasting, no more importing and exporting.

  • Create cost and resource-loaded schedules* in record time.
  • Easily keep the work plan, budget, and schedule in-sync when things change,
  • such as project scope, item quantities, shift arrangements, and more.
  • Maintain tasks in the estimate that do not appear in the schedule.
  • Maintain tasks in the schedule that are not synchronized with the estimate*.
  • Run “what if?” scenarios across the budget and schedule to easily evaluate the impact of alternative resources, shift arrangements, production rates, and more.
  • Streamline analysis of cash flow, earned value, and resource utilization with flexible, built-in tools and graphical output.

With HD and Microsoft® Project or Primavera® working together in realtime you’ll cut valuable time out of the process, and have instant answers to the toughest “what if?” questions that come your way.

Create Cost-Loaded Schedules in Record Time

  • Create HD projects from existing schedules*.
  • Automatically load cost items (activities), estimated durations, and costs from HD projects into the schedule.
  • Select which cost items from the HD project to include as activities in the schedule.
  • Roll-up multiple cost items from the HD project into single activities in the schedule.
  • Drive schedule durations from estimated durations in HD, including productivity-based durations.